Your website is your shop front

So much of what we do these days is through the screens of our desktop computers, tablets or phone, so having a strong online presence is very important. Our websites are essentially our shop fronts. In order to make our websites work for us, having strong and effective imagery that gives across the right message is vitally important, and that is the same whether your business is a restaurant, hairdressers, clothing store or in the case of a recent client, a gentleman’s snooker club.


Avenue Club Skegness, embroidered name

The Avenue Club on Lumley Avenue, Skegness is a charming Edwardian building that has been a members-only, gentlemen’s snooker club since the 1930s. The standard facade of an Edwardian house reveals inside panelled rooms and period features of a bygone era. The club boasts a spacious hall, lounge bar, conference room in addition to the billiards room (which the club kindly allowed me to use as the location for the billiard room in my Cluedo inspired collection Mystery at the Mansion).

Without clear imagery on their website, future members would have no idea of what to expect behind the front door. All too often in business we assume that our potential clients know or understand what we are about or what we offer, but sadly often they don’t. People are visual creatures who like to see what is on offer to them and what better way to do this than through imagery.

It is very easy to ‘make do’ with photography, even just bung up a few phone pictures onto websites. But are these images really going to work for you and give across the professional message that you want? If your website images are looking tired and need of a revamp then get in touch and talk to me about how we can work together to put across the right message, and really make your shop front work for you.


Gentleman's snooker club, Billiards room

Avenue Club, Skeness, Main hallway

Avenue Club, Lumley road, Skegness

Avenue Club, Skegness, Members Lounge Bar

Avenue Club, Skegness, Conference room

Avenue Club, Skegness, Billiards Room



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