Jess and Alan’s London Wedding

Having known Jessie since she was a young girl, I was delighted when she asked me to photograph her big day. Weddings are very special days, they are such a personal and important events, and even when you know people well, as a wedding photographer, you get to capture very special moments… so it is always an honour to be asked.


Networking meeting

Why network?

Starting my photography business a few years ago has been a voyage of learning new skillsets and meeting a variety of people. Two of the things that (like many others) I really wasn’t aware of before I started my business, were that firstly, it is really easy for your work to take over your life. Many self-employed people put in incredibly long hours for (when you work it out pro rata) not much money. And secondly, that just because you are good at what you do, it doesn’t automatically follow that your business will be successful. I have seen people who are amazing at the thing they make or the service that they provide, who just can’t seem to create enough turnover to sustain their business, and equally there are plenty of very average businesses with diaries and order books brimming with clients. So it has become apparent to me that it is crucial to find some work life balance (not sure I’ve got there yet – but it’s work in progress!) and that although it is all too easy to get caught up in your workload, it is at least as important to work ON your business and not just IN it.


Learning Photography

So you have the camera… now what?


Ok hands up… who has treated themselves to a new camera (or even better, been gifted one as a Christmas present!), and then felt totally baffled by all the mysterious dials and buttons?


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Commercial Photography- Hand crafted Jewellery by Suzie and Jack

Commercial photography in Lincolnshire comes in many guises, from property or food photography to corporate images and business headshots. But occasionally I get to play with pretty things, such as in a recent product photography commission, where I had been asked to capture detail shots that showcased the beauty of Suzie and Jack’s jewellery for their soon to be relaunched website. (more…)

Lincolnshire Photographer Dance School Awards Event, Nancy Byrne Theatre Arts

Horncastle Dance School Awards

Saturday afternoon saw me at the third birthday party of Horncastle performance and dance school, Nancy Byrne Theatre Arts. It was a really fun afternoon full of the children entertaining everyone by performing their current routines, playing lots of games, enjoying a party tea, and was topped off by an awards ceremony which celebrated the hard work and endeavour shown throughout the last year. (more…)

Washingborough Hall Wedding Shoot, Lincolnshire wedding photographer

Washingborough Hall Wedding Shoot

As a wedding photographer in Lincolnshire I have got to know lots of other local vendors and wedding suppliers, and it is great sometimes to get together as a team and join forces on styled shoots.