Beholding Beauty

I believe that all women deserve to feel as amazing as they look, and deserve the care to make them look as amazing as they are. I want women to be able to behold their beauty through portraiture.



When it comes to people who don’t cut themselves much slack… women can be the worst offenders. Women (myself included) are usually incredibly critical of their own physical appearance and fear similar judgement from others. Weight often plays a part in how women feel about themselves, but it is not that simple, even my slenderest of friends feel self conscious and dislike certain body parts. And although many women focus their self criticism on different areas of their bodies, there are often common themes… tummies, legs, bottoms, bingo wings, noses… the list goes on. So why is it that women are so hard on themselves? Well being surrounded by images (often heavily photo-shopped) of how society thinks that women should look, certainly doesn’t help, and leaves many women feeling insecure about how they look. I am a firm believer that there is beauty in everyone, but sometimes we just don’t see it in ourselves. And while physical appearance is by no means the be-all and end-all, I think it is really important for ALL women to FEEL beautiful. Having gorgeous portraits taken is a way that can happen.

There are several different elements in the creation of a stunning photograph. Firstly having make-up and hair done makes a difference. Not only for the obvious reasons of highlighting all your best features and masking any imperfections, but also because it is the first part of the process of making women feel special. Then being lit properly and shown how to pose is essential. Finally the picture is finished in post production. This may involve some editing in photoshop but certainly isn’t the brutal remodelling seen in pictures in the media. I don’t need to make big changes in photoshop to how people look, if they are lit and posed well, their beauty will shine through.

Women often make the mistake of thinking that beautiful photography is something for others and not for themselves. It is really easy to look at photographs on social media and think “I could never look like that”. We all have friends who always seem to look immaculate and it is hard to imagine them looking any different. But we don’t always know how they actually look, stripped of any make-up. Stunning portraits are made of women who look ordinary every morning, just like you and me. They have the same hang ups about spots and wobbly bits. These pictures show women I have photographed as they arrived, and then the portraits I took later on.

A portrait package is the perfect way to to treat yourself and see how gorgeous you are, or it makes a wonderful gift for a loved one to show special they are to you. If you are interested in booking a portrait session or buying a voucher for one as a gift please contact me here.






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