Shooting with style

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About a week ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a training day with Aspire, which included a styled children’s shoot in the afternoon. I am a big advocate of training as I think there is always something new to learn and training days are often a great opportunity to get together with other photographers (photography can be a lonely business!). Catherine Connor, the founder of Aspire is a very motivating person and always full of fabulous business advice, and her colleague Jen Heyworth led the shoot in the afternoon. The Cumbrian countryside was looking wonderful on a lovely autumnal afternoon and we were fortunate to have four gracious, friendly and beautifully styled children for the shoot.

Styled shoots are an excellent way to work with your photographer to create something extra special and a bit different to standard children’s studio portraits. They are a chance to be a bit more creative, and have a bit of fun and the results are something that can be treasured forever. Perfect for creating wall art and canvases to hang on your walls at home.

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