It is all in the detail

So often the product photography that we see used in advertising or for sales can be bland, unimaginative images of goods with a white background. Not really very appealing. But if you want images that are going to have narrative and put across the right message to your customers, then it is ALL in the detail. When I work with my clients to create images that are going to showcase their products in best and most effective way possible, we start by taking some time to discuss who the pictures need to appeal to, when and where they are going to be used, and what message they want to give to their clients. There may also be important branding themes or colours that need to be incorporated. Then we can start to design images that will get them the best possible results. Composition and the science of semiotics plays a very important part here, and tiny details can massively effect the impact and appeal of images, but don’t worry, you don’t have to start researching, that’s where my first class honours degree in commercial photography comes into it’s own. Clients vary with how much creative input they want to have, after all they might be a business person, not a creative. But that is fine, whether I work in conjunction with my clients in creating their images, or am given a brief to fulfil, I work very hard to ensure that they have beautiful images that will have a positive impact on their sales and branding.

One of my recent clients was Gem. She is a very artistic person and has an extremely successful business called The Faded Nest which creates the most gorgeous stamped jewellery and cutlery, perfect for unique, bespoke gifts. As a creative herself Gem has clear ideas about how she wants her products to be presented and we worked together closely to come up with a series of images that can be used throughout the year, with a flavour of different seasons and moods.

If you have a business and need some help to really show your products in the best possible light, please get in touch and lets have a coffee and chat about how I can help.


Product photography, stamped jewellery on a branch

Product photography, stamped jewellery on a branch

Product photography, stamped cutlery in a kitchen

Product photography, stamped cutlery with hot chocolate

Product photography, stamped spoons in front of a log burner

Product photography, stamped jewellery and cutlery, autumn themed

Product photography, stamped christmas decorations



Vicki Head Photography, Commercial Photography, Product Photography, Stamped cutlery and decorations, Christmas theme

The Faded Nest, stamped spoon with a birds nest



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