Giving the right message

One of my jobs last week was a commercial shoot, photographing some of the team of the boutique research and communications company Message House. Founded by former Labour Party General Secretary Dr Matt Carter, Message House is a company based near London, who work worldwide improving corporate branding and advising political campaigns. As their name suggests they are acutely aware of the importance of giving the right message and so my brief was to provide them with business head-shots for their website, that would present them with cohesion, in a professional and engaging manner. With this type of commercial work time is money, and so speed is of the essence. Companies such as Message House are very busy and like as little disruption to their day as possible, so I needed to be able to work quickly and efficiently to take their portraits without compromising the quality of my work. After pre-shoot communications where I was able to advise the team regarding clothing, I visited their offices, and in a couple of minutes converted a conference room to my studio. Then I photographed the team individually, with each person only needing to be away from their desk for a few minutes. My whole visit (including setting up and put the conference room back) was only 40 minutes, and that included a cup of coffee!

If the photography on your website needs updating get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you.

Dr Matt Carter, business head shot

Business head shot, Message House

Business head shot, Message House

Business head shot, Message House

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