50 shades of commercial photography

One of the things I love most about my job is the diversity of photography that I am commissioned to undertake, it might be weddings, or family photography, or working on campaigns for businesses. Often commercial jobs involve product or food photography, or corporate head shots, but sometimes the brief involves a little more narrative and it gives an opportunity to get creative.

For a recent job I was asked to photograph a range of adult toys for locally based company SXY. The images were to be used for a variety of purposes such as website, store and magazine advertising and marketing, and even on some of the product packaging. SXY market a range of products designed to add a little spice to relationships. We were shooting a variety of these products which required slightly different messages in the imagery.  Rather than just having very bland stock photographs of the items, we used two models, Daniel and Rachael, and took over a beautiful boutique hotel for the day to create something a bit more special viagra luxemburg.

A shoot such as this involves a great deal of planning and organisation. From sourcing appropriate models, ensuring that there is all of the clothing and props needed, as well as all of the photographic equipment required for shooting on location. As with most things in life, having things well planned beforehand leads to greater success on the day. As I have lots of experience in organising this type of shoot I am able to advise my clients of everything that needs to be considered and arranged, including things such as model and location releases.

The products featured ranged from sexy board games and condoms to handcuffs and paddles, at times quite saucy and 50 shades. We packed a lot into the time that we were there and my client was thrilled with the results.

Man and woman on sofa playing 50 days of play

Man and woman on sofa with Skins condoms

Male model in elevator with gifts

Man and woman on floor playing Monogamy with blindfolds

Man and woman kissing on the stairs

Topless male model in SXY Cuffs handcuffs


Woman in sexy underwear with SXY cuff handcuffs

Topless male with SXY paddle

Man and woman with handcuffs and paddle

Man and woman on bed playing 50 Nights of Play

Naked woman on bed with rose petals






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